Nick Name: The Wizard Of Menlo Park
Birthday: February 11, 1847
Nationality: American
Famous: Quotes By Thomas Edison Poorly Educated
Died At Age: 84
Also Known As: Thomas Alva Edison
Born In: Milan
Famous As: Inventor, Businessman
Spouse/Ex-: Mary Stilwell (M. 1871–1884), Mina Miller (M. 1886–1931)
Father: Samuel Ogden Edison Jr.
Mother: Nancy Matthews Elliott
Children: Charles Edison, Madeleine Edison, Marion Estelle Edison, Theodore Miller Edison, Thomas Alva Edison Jr., William Leslie Edison
Died On: October 18, 1931
Place Of Death: West Orange
Personality: ESTP
Diseases & Disabilities: Dyslexia, Hearing Impairments And Deafness
Founder/Co-Founder: Edison Electric Light Company (General Electric Company)
Discoveries/Inventions: Fluoroscopy, Motion Picture Camera, Universal Electric Motor, Electrical Vote Recorder, Steel Alkaline Storage Battery, Motograph, Magnetic Ore Separator, Automatic Telegraph Systems, Paraffin Paper,Mimeograph Machine, The Carbon Rheostat, The Microtasimeter,Carbon Telephone Transmitter

Did you know that this great inventor of all time had been very poor at studies? Teachers commented that he was “too stupid to learn anything.” Apparently Thomas found it difficult to focus on anything for because his mind wandered too much. He is believed to have had dyslexia and possibly ADHA (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). His mother took him out of school at an early age, and from then on he was homeschooled. Added to all this is the sad fact that he lost most of his hearing at a very young age, the actual reason for this terrible loss is not known.

He sold newspapers, sweets and vegetables in trains to support himself and his family. He was fired from first two jobs for not being productive enough. Even as an investor, Edison made 1,000 futile attempts before succeeding in inventing the light bulb!

Later, his small business venture began to prosper and he soon procured the exclusive right to sell newspapers on the streets. He then founded a newspaper titled Grand Trunk Herald. His skill in various business ventures eventually led him to establish 14 companies, including General Electric, which is still one of the most publicly traded companies in the world.

The world’s first public power station, the Edison Electric Light Station in London, that commenced functioning in January 1882 was an initiative of Thomas Edison, organised and managed by his partners, Edward Johnson.

Students, hopefully you would now understand that it is fine to be a small and slow beginner. If a homeschooled, deaf boy who sold newspapers could achieve the great honours he is bestowed with today, then won’s you agree that you, in a way, are in a much better position to become some far bigger than what he became?


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