Born: July 12, 1972

Nationality: Indian, American

Age: 46 Years old Male

Born In: India

Famous As: CEO Of Google Inc

Height: 1.80 M

Spouse/Ex-: Anjali Pichai

Father: Regunatha Pichai

Mother: Lakshmi Pichai

Even before the company went public, Sundar Pichai joined Google. Sundar Pichai is a computer engineer and Google Inc's current CEO.

Sundar Pichai is an enormous cricket fan and his school cricket team's captain. He is the father of two children, married to Anjali Pichai.  

The technology giant Google specialized in services and products related to the Internet. Experience a major corporate restructuring in 2015 following the launch of Alphabet Inc.

He played a key role in persuading his seniors at Google to launch the browser. That was became the internet's most popular browser. And also led to the launch of the Chrome operating system. The better known mastermind behind the Chrome browser in 2008 is Sundar Pichai.

Rumored that while he was working at Google, Twitter tried to approach Sundar Pichai a couple of years ago. but Google paid him an higher pay to keep him.

Sundar Pichai is estimated at $ 1.2 trillion in net worth