Cloudflare is one of the best DDoS mitigation solutions, enjoyed and appreciated by web developers. In December 2017, Forrester independent research firm named Cloudflare a leading tool for DDoS attack protection.

Cloudflare enables to secure, optimize, and speed up any web properties (websites, SaaS services, APIs, and other Internet-connected properties) with no need in installing software or making code changes.

Protected by Cloudflare, all web traffic is flown through an intelligent and safe global network. What’s more, the network becomes smarter with each new online service added and gets improved thanks to increased site performance, optimized traffic, and decreased spam level.

Protection against the largest DDoS attacks with Anycast

Cloudflare’s Anycast network capacity is 15 times bigger than the largest DDoS attack ever recorded. With 15 Tbps of capacity, it can easily handle and protect against modern and large DDoS attacks, involving those that target DNS infrastructure.

Anycast works as follows: representing an addressing and routing tool, it enables inbound requests to be distributed to a plenty of locations.

After other DDoS mitigation solutions filter out some of the attack traffic, Anycast allocates the remaining traffic across multiple data centers, preventing locations from being overwhelmed with thousands of requests. Anycast network allows to distribute attack traffic to the point where it can be easily managed.

What’s important, by checking more than 300B request per day – 10% of the world’s HTTP Internet traffic – Cloudflare tool learns from attacks targeting customers on the network and prevents upcoming threats as a result.

Cloudflare enables to block malicious bot abuse and prevent

Today the frequency and sophistication of malicious bot abuse are increasing, therefore the number of impacted companies is also increasing, including their losses in clients, operational costs, revenues, and credibility.

The targeted services require the resilience of a scalable network to fight against malicious bot abuse. By using Cloudflare, you can avert bots from excessive usage across web properties (SaaS, APIs, websites, etc.) and protect businesses from damages.