Alexander Graham Bell

Birthday: March 3, 1847
Nationality: Canadian, Scottish
Famous: Quotes By Alexander Graham Bell Scientists
Died At Age: 75
Born Country: Scotland
Born In: Edinburgh
Famous As: Inventor Of Telephone
Spouse/Ex-: Mabel Gardiner Hubbard (M. 1877–1922)
Father: Alexander Melville Bell
Mother: Eliza Grace
Siblings: Edward Charles Bell, Melville James Bell
Children: Edward Bell, Elsie May Bell Grosvenor-Myers, Marian Hubbard Bell Fairchild, Robert Bell
Died On: August 2, 1922
Place Of Death: Beinn Bhreagh, Nova Scotia
Diseases & Disabilities: Dyslexia
City: Edinburgh, Scotland
Founder/Co-Founder: American Institute Of Electrical Engineers
Discoveries/Inventions: Invented The Telephone

All of you know as the inventor of the telephone. But there is a lot more to alexander than just the telephone. Alexander struggled with traditional schooling and it is believed that he had a form of learning disability, quite possibly dyslexia.

Alexander's mother and wife were both deaf. He had lost his two brothers to tuberculosis. Thus hit by tragedies early in life, he knew the value of life and the sorrow of death. His mother had started to lose her hearing when Alexander was 12 years old. He learned sign language to communicate with his mother, and would sit by her and speak right into her forehead which, he'd learnt, her and understand better.

All this motivated him choose his life's work of helping the deaf-mute communicate, and he focused all his efforts to improving the lives of people who were suffering like his mother.

Bell was one of the greatest inventors the world has ever known and the telephone is just one of many great inventions. By the way, did you know that it was Alexander Graham Bell who invented the METAL DETECTOR?

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