Albert Einstein

Birthday: March 14, 1879

Nationality: American, German

Died At Age: 76

Born Country: Germany

Famous As: Physicist

Spouse/Ex-: Elsa Löwenthal (1919–1936), Mileva Marić (1903–1919)

Father: Hermann Einstein

Mother: Pauline Einstein

Siblings: Maja Einstein

Children: Hans Albert Einstein Eduard Einstein, Ilse Einstein, Lieserl Einstein, Margot Einstein

Died On: April 18, 1955

Place Of Death: Princeton, New Jersey, United States

Diseases & Disabilities: Dyslexia

Notable Alumni: University Of Zurich

Founder/Co-Founder: Olympia Academy

Discoveries/Inventions: Law Of The Photoelectric Effect, Einstein Refrigerator

We know of Einstein as a great genius, but there is a another part of his life that many people do not know. Einstein did not speak till he was at the age of seven. His parents and teachers believed odd habits and . He displayed odd habits and endured many difficulties in his schooling. Very slow and anti-social, he was said to have been suffering not from just one learning disability but, a whole host of them including dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and autism.

Being autistic might have caused him to be impatient and often irritable for which he was expelled from school. He was denied admission to other schools. A school master of his is believed to have started about him, “He would never amount to much.”

It took him a while to catch up. But catch up he did! Eventually he won the Nobel Prize and changed the way we understand modern physics. Sounds miraculous, Doesn’t it?

Well, this is how the miracle happened. At an early age, Einstein displayed a passion for mathematics. In primary school he topped his class and was far above all school requirements for his age in maths. By the time he was 12 years, he demonstrated a special interest in solving complicated problems in applied arithmetic. He then decided to see if he could jump ahead by leaning geometry and algebra on his own.By the age of15, he’d mastered integral and differential calculus. His patents bought him textbooks in advance so that he could master them during the summer vacation. Not only did he learn the proofs in the books but he also tackled new theories by trying to prove them on his own. He even discovered a new way to prove the Pythagorean theory! Added to that he would build models and various mechanical devices.

Albert Einstein put together the most popular formula in physics, ' E=MC2 ' No Scientist since Isaac Newton has been said to match his genius or accomplishments. It is believed that only a very small percentage of people in the whole world have an IQ of 135, the average being 85 to 115. Einstein lived in an age where no IQ tests. But it is estimated that his IQ had been between 160 and 180. Unbelievable yet true, this was the score of a boy born with learning disabilities!

Einstein’s passion for knowledge changed the history of the world. He started his life as a mentally retarded Jewish boy in Germany. But later he had the stature to write directly to the President of the United States of America and meet him personally.

In 1999 time Magazine named him the ‘Person of the Century’. Albert Einstein’s brain was removed within seven-and-a-half hours of his death and has been a matter of study ever since!